COVID-19 Protocol

The Government of Brazil has issued a new protocol for international arrivals. From December 30th 2020 foreign visitors or Brazilians who wish to enter Brazil by air, in order to board the aircraft, must present a PCR Test, carried out a maximum of 72 hours in advance with negative or non-reactive COVID-19 result.

There are no quarantine requirements upon arrival in Brazil.

All passengers must sign a health declaration, printed or digital, accepting the preventive measures that should be considered while in the country: it is mandatory by law to wear a mask while circulating in the public areas; avoid large gatherings; observe and follow social distancing guidelines; observe and follow sanitizing guidelines of each establishment.

Following visa requirements of each country and the measures listed above, visitors from all countries are welcome to enter Brazil.

These measures are aligned to the responsibility of the Brazilian government to offer efficiency in the prevention and reduction of risks derived from COVID-19.


At JANEIRO, the safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our priority. Due to ongoing changes and demands related to COVID-19, we have implemented the Bureau Veritas Safeguard certification to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

All of our employees receive continuous and comprehensive training on hygiene and cleaning standards, and after reopening, our cleaning standards will continue to be supervised and regularly reviewed by the security management team.

The measures required are: mandatory use of mask, supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, respect safe distancing of 1,5m in common areas and
limit of people in common areas, restaurantes and elevators.

All of our employees are trained to identify Covid-19 symptoms and will check their temperature daily before starting work. If an employee has any symptoms related to the virus they will be sent home. In addition, we will ask all guests to do a temperature check on arrival. If, on arrival, a guest is experiencing high fever or any other symptoms, he will be treated in an isolated area until adequate care can be provided.

We will make use of technology so that we can provide a continuous service, respecting the requirements of social distance at all times. We offer online check-in and check-out, we communicate with our guests via whatsapp during their stay, menus and directory are available in QR codes, and the cleaning staff will not enter the rooms while guests are present.

We will continue to work closely with the relevant health agencies and with Bureau Veritas, having our protocol standards audited regularly.