About the Hotel


Bathed in natural light and the ocean breeze, JANEIRO Hotel is located on the cosmopolitan beach of Leblon. Our goal is to translate the perfect balance between urban life and nature. With no barries, all spaces are fully integrated with the landscape.

In the 51 rooms, the windows are sometimes used as canvas for the view. It is possible to contemplate some of the iconic beauties of Rio: the beautiful Cagarras Islands, Morro Dois Irmãos, Christ of the Redeemer, and the beachfront that goes from Leblon, passes through Ipanema and goes to Arpoador.

In an open call to the imagination, the hotel colors reproduce the tone of the sand, represented by the travertine marble on the floor, walls, sinks and other surfaces. Some design elements reaffirm the green and blue of nature and value national products.

The woodwork was exclusively designed and executed for the hotel, you can see it on furniture pieces such as beds, bedside tables, chairs, cabinets, wall panels and many other details around the hotel.

Natural straw is also a highlight present in chairs like the ones in the restaurant with their unique straw seats in a shell-like shape.


• We accept guests from 12 years old;

• It is not permitted to use the private areas (rooms, apartments, etc.) or common areas of the hotel (hall/lounge, reception/concierges, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, elevators, corridors, bathrooms, work/coworking areas, leisure areas, etc.) for photographing and/or filming/videos for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes of third-party product or service brands in any media, including social media, without the prior authorisation of the Brand Experience & Marketing team ;

• The display of the hotel's brand or its geolocation on social media is only allowed when the publication has no commercial, promotional or advertising purpose of third-party product or service brands and does not contain illegal or offensive content to the image or reputation of the hotel.

Imagens do Janeiro Hotel